Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The site visitor or registered user is deemed to have explicitly accepted the terms of use and confidentiality regarding the use of this website by visiting www.camocagi.org or by completing the required information.


"Glass Furnace": Yılmaz Yalçınkaya Glass Furnace Foundation Research Development and Education Foundation, Yılmaz Yalçınkaya Glass Furnace Foundation Research Development and Education Foundation Economic Enterprise,

"Site": includes www.camocagi.org online site and virtual store.

"Visitor": Refers to the person who visits www.camocagi.org.

"Service": Refers to the transactions that the Visitor / Registered User performs on www.camocagi.org.

"Registered User": Refers to visitors who have logged in to www.camocagi.org website and / or registered through the site for applications such as e-newsletters.

Site Privacy and Terms of Use

www. When visiting www.camocagi.org site, non-personal information about the visit can be collected and recorded. Data such as the time and length of the visit, the pages viewed, the information received from the pages, the amount of bytes transferred, the page leaving the site can be used to make the necessary statistical analysis to improve the service offered on the site.

Although our site is open to the use of all Visitors, it also includes some sections that are only available to Registered Users to watch and participate. Registered User login is required to use these sections. Personal information collected during Registered User login may include: to customize and facilitate the use of the website, such as name, surname, title, company / organization name, e-mail address, contact information such as telephone and fax numbers and full postal address, login and technical information Information to be used for; Information about products and services and order-related questions and information to help determine the products and services best suited to the requirements; event registration information and feedback provided on the website and on products and services in general.

If this information is not provided, services / services that require Registered User login or other information above may not be provided or transaction may not be performed.

When logged in with the Registered User ID, this information can be associated with the Registered User ID to identify possible interest in products and services. Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, abilities and language, operating system, date and time of access to the site, from which website the site is accessed, and some standard information that the browser sends to each website visited can also be collected.

Glass Furnace and third party service providers may use a standard technology called "cookies" to collect information about how you use the site. Cookies remain on your computer and help the computer to recognize its browser as a known visitor to our site. For example, cookies may be used to save the username and password when logged into the Registered User account. Thus, the name and e-mail address can be “remembered” on the next visit from the same computer, to make the process faster and simpler. From time to time, a "session cookie" can also be set which helps to administer the site. Session cookie expires when the browser is closed, and does not keep any information about the Visitor / after it expires. If it is not desired to collect information using cookies, browser preferences should be changed. It should be noted that certain services of the site may not be available if cookies are rejected.

Measures have been taken to ensure that the site is free from viruses and similar software. In addition, in order to ensure the ultimate security, the Visitor / Registered User must supply his own virus protection system and provide the necessary protection. In this context, the Visitor / Registered User accepts that he / she is responsible for all errors that may occur in his / her software and operating systems and their direct or indirect consequences.

The Visitor / Registered User agrees and undertakes to comply with the legal provisions and not violate them while using the site. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise will bind the Visitor / Registered User completely and exclusively.

Personal Information

When a Registered User is logged in to www.camocagi.org, the personal information requested from the site Visitor will not be shared with any other person or institution other than Glass Furnace supporters or sponsors; It will be used to provide news and events related to the interests of the users, to inform them about Glass Furnace events, exhibitions, services, stores, cinema etc. sections or products and to inform them about the innovations on the site. The Registered User declares and accepts that he / she allows him to be presented product and service promotions, advertisements, campaigns, advantages, surveys and other customer satisfaction applications by Glass Furnace, its supporters or sponsors. Unless the Registered User notifies otherwise, he declares and accepts that he allows the Glass Furnace and Glass Furnace supporters or sponsors to contact him through communication channels such as internet, e-mail, e-bulletin, telephone, SMS. If the member wishes to change his data sharing preferences, he can submit this request to Cam Ocağı in writing. The Registered User can update his information on the site if there is a change in his information and whenever he wants.

Registered User acknowledges and undertakes that the information is correct, does not contain information belonging to someone else and does not give misleading information to the Glass Furnace; otherwise, all responsibility belongs to him.

Change Rights

Cam Furnace reserves the right to make changes in terms of use and privacy policy according to changing conditions. These additions, changes, revisions, or cancellations will be posted on www.camocagi.org as soon as they are announced. The visitor is deemed to have accepted all these changes and regulations by continuing to use the www.camocagi.org pages or by opening a Registered User account and logging into the pages.

Incorrect updating of the information on the site for various reasons; Glass Furnace cannot be held liable under any circumstances for delay in revision, possible error or deficiency or change on the site.

Age Restriction

Persons under the age of 18 cannot be Registered Users and cannot shop on the site. In the event of becoming a Registered User or shopping despite this prohibition, any damage, loss, etc. to the Glass Furnace. can not be held responsible for other claims.

Protection of Information

The Glass Furnace does not host any personal information about the Visitor on its website. The information stored is completely statistical and does not contain any personal information.

All personal information of Registered Users is stored in a secure area. Registered User's personal information such as credit cards are protected by secure server software (SSL). It is the sole responsibility of the Registered User to ensure the security of the username and password on the site when logged in and not to disclose this information to other people.

In purchasing transactions, as a precaution, your credit card information is not recorded on the system.

For transactions to be made on www.camocagi.org, Registered User login after a certain stage and completion of the transactions with personal information will be required. In case of using a common computer, it is necessary to log out after the process is completed. Again, the Registered User cannot share the password he / she has determined / changed while the user is registered, and the Registered User has the right to use the password in question. Otherwise, Glass Furnace will not be responsible for the transactions of the Registered User or the transactions that may be made by third parties on the purchased service.

Except for cases prohibited by law, and unless specified during registration, name or address information will not be shared with other persons and institutions other than Cam Ocağı supporters or sponsors. If a third person or institution applies with a court decision or other legal document requesting disclosure of the identity of the member, this information will be provided in order to fulfill the legal obligation.

In the event of the transfer of the business, the transformation of the foundation legal entity into another legal entity for any reason, or the transfer of ownership in other ways, its Registered Users and contact information will be transferred to the successor.

Cam Furnace always reserves the right to share your personal information with the security units responsible for public security and other official authorities in case of legal requests.

Content and Other Site Links

This site may contain links to other sites. Cam Furnace is not responsible for the privacy practices, content of these websites or the privacy policies and practices of third parties.

Cam Ocağı cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect losses or damages that may arise from accessing or using any website that can be accessed through a link from this site.

Visitor / Registered User Relations

Glass Furnace does not accept any responsibility for the actions taken based on the information or information published on this website, the failure of any announced activity, the communication interruption or the inability to access the site due to other reasons, and the damages, losses and / or losses that may occur as a result of computer virus. The publication of the website does not contain any commitment to any person and / or organization on any subject. All responsibility for any decision to be made in the light of the information on the site belongs to the Visitor / Registered User of this site.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Glass Furnace contains information and materials, including works, designs, brands, logos, texts, photographs, graphics, sound and music, some of which are subject to copyright belonging to itself and others to third parties. The intellectual property rights regarding all these issues belong to the Glass Furnace or the relevant work / right owners, all of them are reserved. The Visitor / Registered User cannot make changes in the content and materials on the site in any way, cannot copy, reproduce, publish, sell or publicly transmit partially or completely; can not use or make use of the website in any way other than visiting the website as an individual user and fulfilling the transactions related to Registered User, if any, and cannot assist or mediate its illegal use. The Visitor / Registered User also accepts that they will not use any tools, software or methods to interfere with the operation of the Glass Furnace or the website or attempt to interfere, and that such attempts are against the legal legislation.

Visitors / Registered Users of this dispute in case of any dispute regarding the use of the site agrees to be subject to the Law on the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in all disputes.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms, you can send them by e-mail to [email protected]. Please note that e-mail communications may not be secure. The information contained in e-mails may be seen by third parties. Glass Furnace cannot under any circumstances guarantee the security of information transmitted in e-mails. For this reason, you should not share your credit card information and other sensitive information in your e-mail correspondence with us.

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